Global Adjustments Academy understands culture as a collective behaviour that dictates people's way of life, and has a significant impact on business and productivity. Our cross-cultural services are unique in their interactive formats, custom-developed inter-cultural learning materials and practical takeaways.

Cultural Sensitization

Communicate, participate in teams, and have a deeper understanding of another culture

What's in it for the organisation?
Maximise the return on investment in interactions with a specific country by equipping teams to span the globe and synchronise corporate behaviour
Modules could include
  • Understanding layers of culture
  • Business communication across borders
  • Country-specific social behaviour
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Indian roots, global wings
  • Real-life solutions through interaction with a country-specific expert
  • The ability to interact more effectively with foreign clients, colleagues and customers
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Increased sensitivity resulting in successful business relationship with clients and counterparts in India
Modules could include
  • Fragrance of India - a traditional welcome
  • Know India - an overview of India with historical insights and Indian wisdom to interpret modern behaviour
  • Indian beats - dance and music appreciation as an Indian way of life
  • Indian kitchen aromas - the SPICE trail
  • The touch and feel of Indian fabric - traditional Indian attire
  • A taste of India - regional cuisine and dining tutorial
  • Walk through the programme with five senses and walk out with a sixth sense - a wonder of India
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Preventing burn-out and frustration for the participants
  • Giving them a chance to look at India as a newcomer
Modules could include
  • What has changed and what is the same
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Understanding India inside out
  • A re-introduction into social and professional networks
  • Action plans for living and working in India and managing the repatriation process successfully
  • An awareness of the change due to the expatriate experience
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Well-settled families, leading to effective employee productivity
Modules could include
  • Introduction - an exciting module with games that will help the participants learn about the history and geography of the host country
  • Accept responsibility - understand what role they would play in the success of their parents' assignment
  • School life - an interactive module on the education system of the host country
  • Social life - strategies on how to be socially active while maintaining relationships with friends and family from the home country
  • Helping young adults (recommended age - 5 and above) to transition from India to a foreign country, or from overseas to India, and minimising culture shock
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Improved business efficiency through enhanced and productive long-term business relationships
Modules could include
  • Managing Indian teams
  • Do's and don'ts of Indian business etiquette
  • Indian communication styles
  • Differences in management styles
  • Solutions to the challenges of multi-cultural teams
Optional Additional Modules
  • Negotiating
  • Managing change
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Greater understanding and effectiveness when working with colleagues from all over India (region-specific)
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Family issues are the number one reason foreign work assignments fail. A supported and cared-for spouse translates into an employee that has more energy and motivation to be productive in and out of the office
Modules could include
  • Prior to move - pre-arrival advice
  • Handling culture shock and relocation blues
  • Guided tour around your new home to discover practical hidden treasures
  • Maids and Madams - handling domestic staff
  • Monthly follow-up - coffee mornings
  • Families that are prepared and equipped to enjoy their India experience and support their working partner

Business Communication

Learn the key principles to communicate effectively and optimize business

What's in it for the organisation?
  • Gaining a competitive edge via confident teams
  • Enhance proficiency in communication throughout the organisation
Modules could include
  • Proactive - timeliness of your communication
  • Respectful - tone of your communication
  • Oriented to solutions - end result of your communication
  • Understandable - clarity of your communication
  • Direct - organisation of your communication
  • The ability to communicate efficiently and confidently with clients and stakeholders across cultures
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Protecting value and increasing profits through intelligent negotiation
Modules could include
  • How negotiations are affected by culture
  • Pace and place
  • Discussion style
  • Humble arrogance
  • Strengthening your alternatives
  • Real-life negotiation practice
  • The ability to negotiate with skills across cultures

Workplace Behaviour

Exhibit professional behaviour to make your clients and colleagues feel comfortable while working with you

What's in it for the organisation?
  • The competitive advantage of confidently sending equipped team members to engage with foreign clients at seminars or on-site meetings
Modules could include
  • Making the best first impression
  • Executive presence
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Power dressing
  • Dining etiquette
  • Small talk and conversation skills
  • Social and business networking
  • Empowered and confident team members who display worldwide business etiquette in both social and business contexts to make a lasting positive impression on clients and stakeholders around the world
What's in it for the organisation?
  • A safer work environment for all
Modules could include
  • Introduction - what is sexual harassment and what it is not
  • Types of sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Reasons that contribute to sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Prevent, prohibit and protect - a module on how to combat sexual harassment and understand the rights as an employee/employer
  • Awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment at the workplace and how to contribute to a safe work environment
What's in it for the organisation?
An inclusive mindset that is sensitive to all cultures and leads to a productive workforce
Modules could include
  • Forces that drive the world
  • Workplace expectations around the world
  • Acing first impressions
  • Managing client expectations
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Participants equipped to successfully interact and communicate on global teams with colleagues and clients from various locations
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Retention of women employees - they stay where they are valued
  • Harnessing the power of harmony amidst diversity
Modules could include
  • Leadership styles between genders
  • Increase gender intelligence
  • Supervise, negotiate and manage
  • Negotiating with men and women
  • Strategising gender diversity in meetings
  • Conflict resolutions between men and women
  • Insights into gender relationships at the work place
  • Gender-based leadership
  • Equal, unique and shared roles for a healthy team

Leadership & Coaching

Communicate, participate in teams, and have a deeper understanding of another culture

What's in it for the organisation?
Building the leadership pipeline with a synchronized corporate culture and leaders capable of guiding teams in multiple cultural environments
Modules could include
  • The four dominant styles of organisations and leadership
  • Management across the globe and across generations
  • Successful virtual teams
  • Global meetings
  • Empowered leaders who hold a strategic tool to customize their own style and best manage diverse teams as well as clients
What's in it for the organisation?
  • Loyal, productive and happy women workforce
  • Modules could include
  • Power - Assertiveness to achieve organisational and personal goals
  • Identity - Recognise one's strength of character and leverage it to build credibility
  • Confidence - Essay crucial tasks with equal ease and confidence in the professional world as well as in the home front
  • Image - Build your style with first impressions and lasting executive presence, without giving up traditional values
  • Outcome
  • Professional women who assume power, create and conform to their own identity, and stride ahead with confidence
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