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Why this book?

India has come of age. Economically, culturally, spiritually, India has a lot to offer the world, and the world knows it. From all across the globe, people are coming to India to be enriched by what it has to offer. With experience, we Indians have become adept at telling our guests about our country – its history, diverse religions, its dances, its flora and fauna, its architecture, sport, clothes, languages, and of course its cuisine. But often, we take for granted what the ‘new’ eye finds unique, interesting, thought-provoking. All Eyes on India presents our country from an unusual perspective – that of visitors to this land. It represents a whole new take on India, and will send readers, including Indians, along less-travelled paths of exploration.

Who is this book for?

This is a book for the tourist, the diplomat, the expatriate business person, the relocating family, and also for every Indian who loves India and wants to look at all things Indian with fresh eyes.

Why now?

With the introduction of the e-Visa facility by the Narendra Modi Government, the stepping up of the Incredible India campaign by the Ministry of Tourism, and related programmes, the tourist inflow into India has registered a sharp upswing. These are only the first steps. Much work is in progress on various platforms to make India a happening place in the eyes of the world. All Eyes on India will be an incredible asset to the ongoing initiative to underline the attractions and the attractiveness of India to the outsider, and also to help Indians to see ourselves as others see us.

How this book works:

All Eyes on India is an invaluable collection of snapshots of the many facets of our country taken by expatriates, presented in postcard form. Each postcard presents India from a unique angle. Each frame is accompanied by the photographer’s own account of the background for the shot, and why he or she thought it worth capturing

The aim in putting together this book has been to let the pictures speak for themselves, and keep text to the minimum. However, where necessary, explanations and elaborations of the special significance of the rite, custom, object, and even the mood portrayed have been provided, making All Eyes on India an India lexicon in a very special sense.

The ‘postcards’ are arranged under different heads – Faces, Places, Into India, Humour … It can be dipped into at any point, flipped through, read from end-to-end – everything works!

All Eyes on India takes the ancient Sanskrit dictum, the one that India has followed all through the ages, Athiti Devo Bhava – the Guest is as God – to the next level.

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