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 Global Adjustments’ Academy touched 21 countries this year.

Global Adjustments Academy touched 21 countries this year.
Published on 1 Oct,2015

Across the programmes conducted for these countries, participants were endowed with cultural knowledge with regard to communication, to work in cross-cultural teams, and to help develop sensitivity and a deeper understanding of their clients, colleagues and their respective working styles.
One of the many highlights of our programme includes interacting with a live Country Expert (either an expat from that country living in India, or an Indian who has extensive experience of living and working in that country).

Some of our popular modules include:
Excel in First Impressions
This module provides important information on how to make the best impression when interacting with people from other cultures. Local phrases, the use of titles, what information they want to know, and sample starters are covered.

Understanding the Layers of Culture
This is an insightful module, which sets the foundation for all other modules, by providing a vocabulary for discussing cultural differences and challenges. It looks at the different layers of culture through the Iceberg model, and discusses how to leverage knowledge of your own and other’s values for successful business.

Moving to the Target Country
This is an essential module for anyone moving to a new location (for a period that is longer than a month). This module equips participants with the framework they need to walk into and engage in another country. It provides strategies for dealing with elements of culture shock and helps participants to easily settle into a new environment, while teaching what to bring along and what to leave behind.

Business Culture
Each culture comes with its own set of rules – by which you will be judged. It is important to know the expectations your foreign counterparts will have when interacting in a business setting. This module uses interactive elements and quizzes to cover topics like optimizing business meetings, interacting with women in the workplace, team dynamics, overt and unspoken hierarchy and general ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

Communicating with the Target Country
This module discusses key communication tips for interacting with people from the target country. Practice elements will be incorporated as role plays to help tailor responses according to various communication styles.

Forces that Drive
To understand a specific culture takes more than knowing the behaviours that are seen on the outside. One must identify the values and forces that drive their expectations, satisfaction, and interactions. This module focuses specifically on the driving values of the target country and how they impact business scenarios.
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