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India-USA: The future beckons?




These three numbers mark the importance of our India-USA connection today in a never before scenario.

  • 500% is the increase in US foreign direct investment into India after Indian Prime Minister Modi’s call to US businesses to come ‘Make in India’
  • $4000 million is said to be coming into India from the USA which meshes our business future inextricably
  • 69 years is India’s existence as an independent young nation already growing at a GDP 7.1 %

So, opportunities abound for global mobility to be busy as the world comes pouring into India. This is a moment to also pause and take stock of what works effectively between our nations.

Relationship over information is the key driving force in Indian business scenarios.  We would rather have a pleasant exchange of words than ruin a relationship.

Here are three tips on what to expect –

  1. Don’t be surprised if the bad news takes the staircase and not the elevator
  2. Do expect a lot of context before delivering a reply
  3. Don’t expect a direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We aim to please family

And as America goes to polls, India waits with bated breath … with good wishes to outgoing President Obama too.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the India-USA partnership for our future?

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