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7194x4802 copy   Practical tips for expats visiting India

  1. At the hotel (room service and breakfast are top-notch but clear instructions help. Like sunny side up is not understood as easily. Another example would be yogurt in India is better known as curd )
  2. At the elevator/lift (people get in before getting out – don’t let this upset you – smile 🙂 )
  3. At the office reception – (offering of multiple tea/coffee is not an irritant, acceptance is norm. Water is fine – and yes it is safe)
  4. At the meeting – parallel conversions, out of agenda topics, small talk, more tea, and snack is normal. Believe us, business does get done too – efficiently!
  5. After the meeting – negotiating outside once again in the corridor does happen…. re-opening is natural.
  6. At the dinner table – seal the deal is about family familiar questions
  7. At the airport – seeing you off, carrying your bags – all sign of acceptance and respect ( which you must reciprocate)
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