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Make it in India – now available as a webinar

Make it in India – now available as a webinar
Published on 18 Oct,2015

Keeping up with the digital age, Global Adjustments now provides this course via webinars.

India has been attracting the world’s attention for decades, but in recent years it has become a major economic force recognized the world over. As the Indian government rolls up its sleeves and gets down working to steer the country to greater heights nationally and internationally, the rest of world waits to engage with it.

Still, to many in the West, India remains a land of mysterious rituals and strange working styles; while to as many Indians, the West’s manners and values continue to be incomprehensible. Knowing a bit more about the rationale behind the other’s behaviour could do wonders for easing the passage of today’s global citizens, Indian and western alike, and create a more lasting, compatible and cooperative relationship that will stand the test of time.

In this world of virtual reality and telecommuting, it no longer makes sense to cling to what one knows best and refuse to see the other view point. One needs to make the effort to meet in the middle. Today, cell phones, the social media, the internet, the 24-hour news cycle, and our economic interdependence, all make us, whether we like it or not, instant global citizens. These are exciting times! India and the west are intertwined in a myriad ways that unite us and make us interdependent. With this increased virtual and geopolitical proximity comes responsibility. There is no excuse for any of us sitting comfortably isolated in our particular demographic of place, gender, education, nation or ethnicity. To survive today, we must all adjust to this global ‘new normal’ or be left behind.

The Make it in India training programmes provide you with the necessary tools to familiarize yourself with Indian culture. Tools include key business topics such as running effective inter-cultural meetings, interacting from a position of strength during negotiations, managing multi-cultural team dynamics effectively, or optimizing the communication channels of a virtual workforce.

This programme equips you to:

  • Be more aware of your cultural perspectives and how they influence your social and professional behaviour.
  • Be sensitive to both verbal and nonverbal communication and enhance your ability to communicate more effectively.
  • Identify similarities in cultural practices and foster its advantages at work.
  • Become confident and comfortable with India.
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