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15th Beautiful India Expatriate Photo Competition 2012



India’s biggest and only expatriate photo competition was held in Chennai

for its 15th successful year, with over 672 entries from 21 nationalities

One of the models from Finland said “I am in this program because no other country we relocate to will offer us such a unique experience of participating in a fashion show wearing traditional costumes”

Display of colourful photographs and countless memories made our annual Beautiful India Expatriate Photo Competition special, and this year, there was one more reason to celebrate – our photo competition turns 15! To mark this milestone, we had introduced the theme of ‘Indian Weddings’, apart from our regular categories, and it was pleasure  to see you there, as an important member of the press,  at our glittering awards ceremony that  showcased the cultural diversity of weddings in India, through a spectacular show by our expatriate friends.

672 photographs with unique perceptions, ideas and interpretations were displayed– The fifteenth annual Global Adjustments Beautiful India Expatriate photo competition, in association with the Hyatt Regency, Chennai, was an amalgamation of cultures from around the world. 21 nationalities were among the 71 expat participants this year  – British, American, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Australian, New Zealander, Irish, French, Hungarian, Brazilian, Korean, French, Polish and Thai – took centre stage on Sunday, November 18, with their personal tribute to the land they now call home.

 The Judges of this event were Ms. Jennifer Mclntyre, US Consul General, Shinya Fujii, Director General, JETRO and Santosh Sivan, National Award winning Cinemotographer, Film director, and producer.

This year, expatriate women walked the ramp as Indian brides, to demonstrate, being symbolically married to India.  Ranjini Manian, Founder CEO of host company, Global Adjustments, said:  ‘By immersing foreign direct investor families into India, we demonstrate that the India’s gap in infrastructural efficiency, we amply make up with the warmth of our culture’

As India’s premier relocation, realty and cross-cultural services company, Global Adjustments ( has over 17 years, helped more than a thousand people from 79 countries make India home, understand its culture and become fully participative members of the country they have adopted. It organises many such community-connection events to facilitate this.

In the past years, the media has been generous in its support of these cross-cultural initiatives and we thank you for your continued support this year too.

This spectacular Awards Ceremony was held from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on Sunday, 18th November, at Hyatt Regency, Chennai.  

Check out the lovely snaps about the event here, or visit us on Facebook for more photographs and videos!

Jennifer Meddick: We enjoyed the exhibit of photos as well as the magnificent bridal display.  India is such a country of colors!

Olivia & Jérôme GasserBeautiful moments that will stay in our minds for long time!! It was so good to be dressed like an Indian bride, to feel it, to learn how to walk in a ramp, how to wear a saree…

Jim Wells: I was very impressed with the photos and with the organization of the show.  A+ . I need to invest in a better camera and I need to visit some of these places.


14th Beautiful India Annual Expatriate Photo Competition – When Old meets New





Ansel Adams one said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”  At Global Adjustments, we take our harvest season rather seriously. For the past 14 years, we have been encouraging expatriates to showcase the way they see India, through their lens and their eyes, with photographs – candid and straight from the heart of the nation – across different categories including: Culture and Festivals, Faces, Places, Into India.

These photographs besides being judged by the best in the industry go on to adorn the pages of our magazine – Culturama with credits to the photographer. We have turned hundreds of expatriates into cultural anthropologists over the years, recording the beauty and mystery of this country!

This year we added a new theme to the contest encouraging participants to showcase a country that is young and vibrant, but a civilisation that is ancient. A juxtaposition of the old and the new that captures the very spirit of India.

With our theme – old meets new – we hoped to chronicle a nation in motion, zooming forward to the future while hanging on to its roots.

We received over 300 photographs from participants belonging to 15 countries including Brazil, USA, UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Finland and more.

Besides the photo exhibition, on display at the Hilton Chennai, a special cultural performance by some very talented expats was part of the half day programme: a bollywood dance performance. These were not professional dancers, even though they could easily pass off as one after the past month’s rigourous practice at Global Adjustments’ India Immersion Center, under choreographer Sanjay. Check out their performance on Facebook.

The Chief Guest at the award ceremony was acclaimed filmmaker Gautam Vasudev Menon.

As every year, the Chennai Photo Competition was a heart warming event with a sight and insight into Beautiful India, through the display of spectacular photos by expatriate friends of India, living here for business. Check out pictures of the event on Facebook.


Kerala Dancer

Culture & Festivals category Winner and Overall Best award for 2011 - 'Kerala dancer' by Elena Eder

Faces category Winner - Coconut boy by Thomas Valero

Old Meets New category Winner - 'Bullocks vs Tractor' by Ian Watkinson


Places category Winner - 'Ananda' by Moniek De Zwaan

Language is not a barrier

Into India category Winner - 'Language is not a barrier' by Elena Eder

Hardship Diplomatic Duties in Chennai

Best Humour award - 'Hardship of Diplomatic Duties in India' by Christopher Wedick


Global Adjustments Favourite award - 'Lights' by Diana Grieger

‘Beautiful India’ Photo Competition for Expatriates goes green

The Chennai online

Chennai, Nov.22: Global Adjustments’ 13th annual photo competition for expatriates brought together a multitude of photographic vignettes of India captured by expatriates of thirteen nationalities.Hosted in association with Ericsson India and themed ‘Beautiful India Goes Green’, the competition witnessed some spectacular photographs on display.

In addition to the standard categories, participants this year were invited to send in their entries for a new category titled ‘Green India’, with their interpretation of India’s inherent earthy wisdom. Global Adjustments and Ericsson India also announced a joint edu-environmental campaign that will reach out to 15,000 students from over 30 schools.

The winners were: Elena Eder from Italy (Into India); Amore Marcello from Italy (Culture & Festivals and Green India); Michele Bosciano from Italy (Faces and Overall Best); Melissa Enderle from the US (Places and Judges’ Favourite); and Bernadette Baars from the Netherlands (GA Favourite).

“It was positively a challenge to pick out just a few photos from more than 400 entries”, said Mr. Hedwig Baars, Ericsson Head RM, R&D India, and eminent cinematographer, Mr. Arvind Krishna.

Along with the awards ceremony, the event also featured a cultural extravaganza by twenty expatriates, grouped into the Nordic, Asian, American, Mediterranean and Australian continents. The programme, conceptualised around the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and space) featured vibrant folk dances from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states. This will also be part of a travelling road show to be featured at the schools reached through the green campaign. “The five elements have always been a part of our psyche in India”, said Ranjini Manian, Founder and CEO of Global Adjustments.

Snapshots of ‘Beautiful India’

The Hindu

Visitors take a look at the photographs exhibited as part of the ‘Beautiful India expatriate photo competition in Chennai on Sunday. Photo: S.Thanthoni

Indian culture, for expatriates in the city, could mean several things – from a group of kids gaping at a film poster to a snake charmer flipping the lid open and peering into a box of snakes. Capturing India in pictures, nearly 35 expatriates belonging to 13 nationalities put up their entries at the ‘Beautiful India expatriate photo competition’ here on Sunday.

Myriad angles

Over 400 pictures, each freezing the flavours of India in myriad angles, were part of the competition organised jointly by Global Adjustments and Ericsson India.

Grouped under various sections – faces, places, culture and festivals and green India – the entries brought out the beauty of both rustic and urban environments in equal measure.

If Gitte Anderson, a Swede, captured the festivity of Ayudha Pooja in her frame, a row of idols of Nayanmars seemed to signify a symbol of spirituality for Philip James, an Englishman.

The photographs that Amore Marcello, an Italian, captured for the contest represented the essence of rural India. The category ‘Green India,’ in particular, brought out some excellent day-light shots sparkling with greenery. While pictures of verdant fields and lush trees dominated the category, photographs of bright-green worms, south-Indian fare served on a banana leaf and a row of cycles also vied for attention.

Ericsson India Head (R&D) Hedwig Baars and cinematographer Arvind Krishna, judged the entries for the competition. The annual photo competition is an initiative to bring together the expatriates in the city and get them to express their thoughts about India through photographs, said Anita Krishnaswami, Senior Vice President of Global Adjustments. “Into its 13th year now, the photo competition has been seeing a steady growth in terms of the number of entries that we receive,” she said.

‘Green India’ campaign

As part of the photo competition, the organisers have come up with ‘Green India’ campaign, an initiative to reach out to 15,000 students and sensitise them to need for protecting environment. A total of 30 city schools will adopt one eco-friendly initiative each and follow it for a month. Based on the performance of the students and their awareness levels, 15 schools will be shortlisted for a visit to the R&D centre of Ericsson.

A cultural performance by 20 expats from Nordic, Asian, American, Mediterranean and Australian continents was held at the prize distribution event, presided over by actor Suhasini Mani Ratnam.

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