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Champion a Woman – She will build a nation

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Provide life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women


Empower the workforce with balanced, confident and productive women
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What We Do

Global Adjustments Foundation provides life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women. Over 40,000 women, including homepreneurs, IT workers, nurses, police, soldiers, students and teachers, have participated in our interactive workshops and benefitted from our modules.

Our life coaching focuses on building the inner strength of women with an emphasis on mindful living. Thus, our participants become emotionally balanced, confident communicators and, overall, more productive citizens.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is taking up this cause of providing life coaching with the larger aim of nation building. As our programs are run free of cost for participants, we depend on corporates and individuals to champion the movement.

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Our Curriculum includes

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White Paper on Women Empowerment in India

Global Adjustments Foundation has been working on women empowerment issues for a number of years. Its programmes have been evaluated scientifically and described and analysed in this White Paper. The document provides an overview of the gender situation in India as a whole, and future support requirements.

It also records the motivation of Global Adjustments Foundation, its approach and thethrust of its workshops and training programmes, as well as future goals.

Advisory Board Members


German sociologist leader advising scientific measuring and research on the impact of our work


Italian brand strategist advising the scaling of the project


National award winning actress and women’s activist

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“Every day, nurses bear responsibility of the patient’s comfort on their shoulders and sometimes, this could become quite demanding on them. The Global Adjustments Foundation, founded by Ranjini Manian to empower women through life-coaching services gave us a very special opportunity to bolster our nurses’ optimism and morale. 1000 nurses from Apollo Hospitals participated in the workshops conducted by the Foundation and we do believe that after the programs, they were lot more empowered to cope with any stress that they were experiencing. A commendable initiative, Apollo Hospitals is greatly appreciative of the support given by the Foundation”, said Ms. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals.”

A Glimpse of Our Work

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