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Automotive Chief calls GA family

Global Adjustments moves hearts along with homes


Given their own rich global experience, our relocation advisors understand the requirements and personal preferences of people moving or relocating to a new destination. They have in-depth knowledge and experience and provide our clients with strategic advice and effective solutions. Our services are tailor-made for the immigration requirements of foreigners moving into India, and for Indians moving overseas

Visa & Immigration

One stop solution for all Visa related requirements acting as a liason between the client’s HR departments and concerned government officials

  • FRRO
  • Visa Extensions
  • Business, Employment and Entry Visas
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account
  • Highly trained and experienced consultants to handle documentation
  • Dedicated SPOC

Look and See Program

An extensive package to showcase the city and what it has to offer before move in

  • Welcome Kit
  • City Overview
  • Housing – A Sample Overview
  • Overview of Schooling
  • Cost of Living in Destination City
  • Health Care
  • Moving around the city
  • Recreation Options
  • Access to a variety of options to choose from
  • Tailor made suit based on their preferences

Home Search

Comprehensive home finding service in destination city to help you find your dream home

  • Budget Benchmarking
  • Detained need assessment
  • Exclusively shortlisted property list
  • Accompanied home viewings
  • Local travel advice
  • Assisst in property shortlist
  • Rental and Maintenance Negotiations
  • Documentation
  • Detailed evaluation and advice on every property viewed.
  • Extensive property database built over 25 years
  • Prior relationship with Landlords for ease in transaction

City Orientation

Overview of the city with a focus on expatriate Neighborhood and key facilities around it, and the cultural nuances pertaining to destination city.

  • Neighbourhood Familiarisation
  • Supermarkets
  • Medical Facilities
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Fitness Centres
  • Recreation Centres
  • Introduction to a vet and pet clinic
  • Any other hobby based specific requirement (Rowing, Surfing, Golf)
  • Access to an exhaustive list of vendors in the GS network

School Assisstance Program

Evaluate the schooling options available in the country, both Indian Local Boards as well as International Board.

  • Brief on several schooling systems in the city
  • Shortlist of schools based on expat preference
  • Research and appointments for viewings
  • Accompanied school tours
  • Comparison and advice
  • Registration assisstance
  • Addmission assisstance
  • Advice from highy reputed professionals
  • Quick turnaround time due to existing relationship with school management
  • Bridging of expectation

Settling In Service

Post lease execution and pre move in services offered for a smooth move in to the property shortlisted

  • Detailed inventory report
  • Pre move in report
  • Home improvement services
  • Utilities set services
  • Payment Assisst
  • Coordination of Rental Furniture (If needed)
  • Hasstle free move in
  • Extensive documentation for future references

Comprehensive Tenancy and Property Management Services

24/7 support for all utility and house-related issues in one place

  • Repairs
  • Payment Assisst
  • Emergency Services
  • Utilities Support
  • Concierge Services
  • Support Staff Coordination
  • Dedicated SPOC for on going issue management
  • Readily available network of highly skilled vendors
    24*7 support
  • Price advantage

Departure Services

Facilitate a smooth exit out of the property

  • Advice and assistance with the termination of a lease in accordance with the lease agreement
  • Walk-through with tenant and landlord
  • Negotiation of dilapidation claims
  • Recovery of security deposit
  • Bridge communication between landlord and client

Home Improvement Services

To provide home solutions to enable the client to settle without the hassle of shopping for furniture, curtains and similar home accessories.

  • Need Assessment
  • Budget Benchmarking
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Vendor Management
  • Supervision while execution
  • Documentation
  • Payment Assisst
  • Property Handover
  • Vetted and highly skilled vendors
  • Price advantage
  • Timeline

Temporary Accomodation

Extensive list of options for short term stay in destination city

  • Need Assessment
  • Research and Advice
  • Accompanied property viewing
  • Negotiation
  • Contract signing
  • Renewals and Extensions
  • Price advantage
  • Access to unique options in the city due to existing network
  • Dedicated SPOC for coordination
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