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Automotive Chief calls GA family

Global Adjustments moves hearts along with homes


The Global Adjustments Academy understands culture as a collective behaviour that dictates people’s way of life and has a significant impact on business and productivity. Our workshops & programs are unique in their interactive formats, custom-developed materials and practical takeaways. We offer various in-person & virtual programs to clients across the world. With an exclusive, multi-cultural team of trainers, facilitators & content creators who are well-travelled and have experiences from varied industries

Cultural Sensitization

Communicate, participate in teams, and have a deeper understanding of another culture. Our programmes include

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Building cultural intelligence

As globalization has rendered the business environment more complex, dynamic, and competitive, the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts has never been more important for organizations.

Taste of India

Discover India through all your five senses in one day. A perfect short program to help understand the complexities and diverse cultural and workplace behavior of India.

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Returning to live and work in India

While living far away in another country and in a different environment, home evokes nostalgia and warmth. However, the reality after one is back might be different. This program sets you on your feet as soon as you are back.

Global children

Young children do not have direct experience of global cultures and differences between cultural practices will be confusing for them adding that global knowledge is beyond their assimilating capacity. We help bridge that gap.

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This India business

India is today one of the three largest Asian economies in terms of purchasing power parity. However, navigating through its policies, cultural and hierarchical work landscapes is not easy. Here we breakdown the process and elaborate the methods of ease of doing business in India

Spouse support

Relocating spouses and families play a crucial role in the decision-making and well-being of expat employees. Our well-rounded programs help in expat assignments a success

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Language Courses

  • Local Indian languages for expats & Indians
  • Foreign languages

Our other popular cultural programs for Indians and expats alike –

  • Increasing client engagement
  • PROUD – Communication Program
  • Worldwide Business Etiquette/Building a Global Mindset
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