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Ranjini Manian on India, Intercultural Intelligence and Gender Balance

“Culturama” – 2017

Culturama LIVING launched – A new-age magazine for Indians

“Global Adjustments Realty” – 2015

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It is launched for the Indian market

“Global Adjustments” – 2015

GA receives the ‘Best Service Award’ from Weichert for the third consecutive year

“Aikya” – 2009

It is launched by the India Immersion Centre (now known as Global Adjustments Foundation)

“Women’s Leadership Board” – 2008

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Ranjini Manian is recognised at Harvard as a Distinguished Member of the Women’s Leadership Board

“Doing Business in India for Dummies” – 2007

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Ranjini Manian publishes (the still sought-after) Doing Business in India for Dummies

“Top 10 Cool Companies” – 2006

Global Adjustments is picked as one of the Top 10 Cool Companies of India by

“Beautiful India” – 1998

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The annual Beautiful India Expatriate Photo Competition – a first-of-its-kind photo contest for expats in

“Indian cultural magazine” – 1996

At a Glance (now called Culturama) – the first and only Indian cultural magazine for

“Ranjini and Joanne” – 1995

Ranjini (Indian) and Joanne (American) begin Global Adjustments in India

“Ranjini Manian” – 2008

She receives the Meritorious Service Award from the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) after co-chairing the

Books by Ranjini Manian

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Doing business in India for Dummies

Authored by Ranjini Manian, this is a practical manual for quick business success in India.

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Upwordly Mobile

Behaviour and Business Skills for the New Indian Manager

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Make it in India

Curated by Ranjini Manian and Joanne Huskey, Global CEOs share Indo-US Insights in this book.

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Connect to Ranjini Manian

I resonate with Eknath Easwaran, former professor of meditation at Berkeley University whose translations of Indian philosophy especially the Bhagavad Gita are the best and easiest to understand.
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