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Creating empowered global citizens

Our Key People

Expertise combined with empathy is the distinctive feature of our team

rohini - Leadership

Rohini Manian - CEO

My belief 3Cs: consistency, communication and compliance for client service excellence with relocating families and Indian customers. Leading a team that co-mentors in customer obsession, integrity and Indianness, we serve a global world. Relocation, Realty, Cross-cultural training, Publishing - Seemingly diverse businesses unify our vision of creating empowered global citizens. Helping 1000s of Make in India families thrive whether in metros or new towns - has been a fulfilling journey along with serving national leaders who deliver excellence.
kalpana - Leadership

Kalpana Murthy - PRESIDENT

My goal has always been "to do the right thing" and execute transparent real estate transactions with honesty and integrity. With two decades of experience, I have severed both corporate and individuals alike. Through my experience promoting the highest level of solidarity for all stakeholders involved - I have also in return enhanced the public image of realtors and developers that I work with. Through successful pursuit of this commitment, I continue to maintain recognition as one of the top realtors in the community working with the best of real estate leaders in the industry.
anupama - Leadership


Life in both Australia and India has given me the multi-cultural exposure to relate to our expatriate and Indian clients with equal ease. With over 25 years' industry agnostic experience in corporate sales and account management, I am an articulate and effective team member with strong coaching skills.My 12 years at Global Adjustments, makes me an expert in global mobility relations and compliance. While nurturing industry relationships, my team is obsessed with customer experience enhancement and delivery excellence.
richika - Leadership

Ruchika Srivastava - SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT

With work and living experience of both India and Europe, I possess first hand experience of being in a different culture and finding my way around in a new environment. That's why I often put on the hat of being a cultural ambassador of India. Over a decade of working at Global Adjustments, having been on both sides of the fence, I have in depth knowledge of expat expectations, dealing with culture shock and I am the ideal expat guide and mentor to clients. My team leads in process compliant services, proactively serving customers with empathy and integrity.
camilie - Leadership


Being in Chennai for 2 decades, married to an Indian citizen, I believe I am a true example for diversity and shows an acute understanding of the Indian way of life and culture. My first touch point with relocation happened in 2007, when I formed the first self-help expat group called Club France. A couple of years later, I discovered my passion for expat management and relocation while setting up the international mobility department for a leading French manufacturing company in Chennai. I was also instrumental in the establishment of the first French school in Chennai.
Janani - Leadership

Janani Nagarajan - Head - Marketing

I am a marketing and delivery professional with unique experience and understanding of technologies and marketing. I specialise in evaluating and building upon communication strategies for MNCs, SMEs and startups. I am proficient at evaluating technical know-hows of various communications channels. I have fluency in major communications channels and social media with the ability to think and execute at the intersection of it. I am adept at developing strategies to persuade customers at various points of contact with a brand and a natural appetite for superior content on various mediums and events management.

Our Founders

ranjini - Leadership

Ranjini Manian

joenna - Leadership

Joanne Grady Huskey