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Global Adjustments moves hearts along with homes


Given their own rich global experience, our relocation advisors understand the requirements and personal preferences of people moving or relocating to a new destination. They have in-depth knowledge and experience and provide our clients with strategic advice and effective solutions. Our services are tailor-made for the immigration requirements of foreigners moving into India, and for Indians moving overseas

Visa and Immigration

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Inbound Service

Foreigner Registration (FRRO) & Visa Extension

  1. Accompanied visit to the FRRO for submission of forms and registration
  2. Completion of immigration and arrangement of necessary documents for the individual/family
  3. Process within 14 days of arrival, as per prevailing Government regulations

Outbound Service

Business, Employment & Entry Visas

  1. Coordination and drafting of necessary documents and applications for the individual/family
  2. Follow-up with the concerned authorities until relevant visas are obtained. Legalisation of document Apostille of Document
  3. Obtaining police clearance certificate
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Destination Services

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Pre-arrival Advice

  1. Advice on an interactive conference call before arrival, and providing practical advice with a specific overview of the city that they will be relocating to
  2. The session includes budget analysis, cultural and lifestyle overview, awareness of schooling, health and recreational options, and a general understanding of what to expect in India

City/Neighbourhood Orientation

  1. Set and manage client expectations by assessing individual/family needs, and customize the service
  2. Orientation tour of the city, including medical facilities, shopping areas, recreational facilities and fitness centers
  3. India and city-specific information manuals
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School Search Programme

  1. Enabling the assignee to evaluate the schooling options available in the city
  2. Needs assessment with our educational specialist, including a briefing of the schooling situation in the respective city, and accompanied visits to shortlisted schools

Home Search Programme

  1. Guided property viewing
  2. Lease negotiation and landlord advisory services
  3. Structured hand-over and move-in
  4. Comprehensive client-need assessment
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Settling in Service

  1. Assistance with setting up telephone and Internet services, domestic gas, cable TV, driver’s license, and much more
  2. Staffing advice (domestic help)

Rental Furniture

  1. Well-appointed furniture, furnishing, appliances and crockery provided on an annual rental basis
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Tenancy Management

  1. 24/7 support for all utility and house-related issues


  1. Assistance with lease termination
  2. Cancellation of utility hook-ups
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Inter-cultural Training and Family Support

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Inter-Cultural Training

  1. Working and living in India
  2. Spouse support

Language Training

  1. English as a foreign language
  2. Indian local languages
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